As a proud two-time graduate of the University of Georgia, Ryan understands the hard work and commitment that goes into being accepted into an institution of higher learning and then diligently working to graduate.  Along the way, an allegation of a Code of Conduct violation can undo years of hard work and thousands of dollars spent in tuition.

If you or a loved one is being accused of misconduct in a university court or tribunal, did you know that you have the right to consult with and be advised by an attorney? A student accused of misconduct can be reprimanded, suspended and even expelled from our State’s colleges and universities.  You have sacrificed too much and worked too hard to gamble with your future by proceeding to a Code of Conduct hearing at your college or university without the assistance of an experienced attorney.  

Ryan Swingle can offer his nearly two decades of defense experience to you or your loved one today!  Fill out the contact form below to schedule a consultation!

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