Felony Rape Charge Dropped

Felony rape charge dropped in athlete’s case
Ryan defended a former UGA varsity athlete facing a rape charge and potential sentence of life in prison.  Ryan launched his own defense investigation and ultimately convinced the State to drop all felony charges. Ryan’s client entered a plea, with no admission of guilt, to a misdemeanor. The client was sentenced to straight probation.

Mom Found Not Guilty In Officer Assault

Mom found Not Guilty in officer assault case
Ryan fought for a single mother confronted with a challenging aggravated assault case that included a police officer victim and video evidence. Ryan first convinced the judge to have his client released on bond so she could continue caring for her four young children. Then Ryan took the case to trial despite the video, which the State argued was proof the Mom tried to run the officer over with her car. The jury sided with Ryan. The woman was found Not Guilty on all charges! Instead of going to prison, the Mom left the courtroom a free woman and returned to her family.

Dad's Discipline Defense Leads to Acquittal

Discipline defense leads to acquittal in Father’s case  
Ryan represented a man charged with Cruelty to Children after his ex-wife accused him of beating their child during a visitation period.  With his client facing significant jail time and a potential loss of his parental rights, Ryan took the case to trial and won a full acquittal for his client by showing the jury that a father spanking his son does not equal abuse!

Not Guilty Verdict Awarded

Not Guilty verdict awarded after the accused is proven to be victim
Ryan took on a felony forgery case after his client’s arrest in the bank where he tried to cash fraudulent checks worth tens of thousands of dollars. At trial Ryan proved to the jury that his client was an innocent and unwitting accomplice in an international fraudulent check scam. The jury declared Ryan’s client not guilty on all counts. After months in jail, Ryan’s client walked out of the courtroom a free man!

Tossed Confession leads to acquittal

Tossed confession leads to quick acquittal
Ryan represented a man facing possible life imprisonment after being charged with a violent armed robbery in downtown Athens. Ryan successfully challenged the admissibility of his client’s confession, which was thrown out of evidence. Then Ryan filed a demand for speedy trial, took the case to trial, and won a full acquittal on all charges!

Drug Case dismissed after flawed search warrant exposed

Cased dismissed after flawed search warrant exposed
When Ryan’s client received a package in the mail containing 50 pounds of marijuana, he had no idea the drug task force had been tracking the package in multiple states.  Arrested and charged with drug trafficking, Ryan’s client was facing decades in prison. Ryan challenged the State’s case at every turn and through a pre-trial motion to suppress evidence, he was able to successfully argue that the search warrant was fatally flawed.  The trial court excluded all evidence against Ryan’s client, and all charges were dismissed.