If you are facing a divorce, you need an advocate who will protect all your rights as a spouse and a parent.  Ryan takes the time to thoroughly understand his clients’ unique family situations and goals before he pursues the best possible resolutions. Ryan understands that a divorce can be one of life’s most emotional and confusing times.  Ryan’s experience investigating, negotiating and, when necessary, litigating, makes him the ideal attorney to handle these sensitive cases.  Do not settle for less than an experienced, top quality attorney when the stakes are this high.  Ryan wants what is best for you and your family.

Child Custody

As a parent, Ryan understands there is nothing more important to anyone than their child’s well-being.  If you are facing a legal challenge to the custody and care of your children, you and your children need to know your rights will be protected.  Ryan works with families through every step of the legal process to make sure that his clients’ parental rights are protected and that their children are cared for and supported in the best way possible. Like you, Ryan wants what’s best for your children and for you!  


Ryan Swingle can offer his nearly two decades of legal experience to you or your loved one today!


Planning now for the future can prevent confusion and heartache for your loved ones later.  Ryan prepares wills, trusts and advanced directives that give his clients peace of mind knowing their end-of-life wishes will be carried out and their legacies preserved.