Your livelihood and freedom depends on your ability to drive a car.  A traffic citation or arrest can not only cost you your time, money and freedom, but can negatively impact your ability to drive a vehicle in the State of Georgia.  If you have been arrested for DUI, the stakes are even higher.  Within days of an arrest for DUI, negative consequences can occur that may limit or even prohibit you from legally driving a vehicle for up to a year! 

Mandatory punishments for DUI in Georgia can include loss of one’s driver’s license, thousands of dollars in fines and even incarceration in jail.   The technical and complex rules and laws impacting Georgia driver’s license holders are more than the layman should attempt to navigate without an experienced attorney advocating aggressively on their behalf.  Do not delay!  Following a DUI arrest, in many instances, action must be taken to protect your driver’s license immediately!  It is critical that you meet with an attorney no later than 10 days after your DUI arrest.  Don’t hesitate - fill out the form below or call Ryan Swingle for a consultation today!

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