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Athens Drug Crimes Attorney

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At our Athens-based law firm, we do not hold clients at an arm's length. We fight against criminal charges with you until the end, side-by-side.

Fight Your Drug Charge

Criminal charges involving drugs, whether it’s simple possession, trafficking, or manufacturing, can derail your life in a hurry. Unfortunately, sometimes a careless, youthful mistake can lead to a felony conviction that follows you around for life, lowering your potential in the process. Here in Georgia, drug charges, most of which are felonies, are nothing to take lightly, and so you will want to partner with a team that can deliver the best possible legal defense on your behalf. That’s where we come in. When you are represented by Ryan J. Swingle, Attorney at Law, you’ll be working with someone who “gets it.”

The Penalties Are Steep

Marijuana Possession: In spite of former Governor Jimmy Carter’s commendable desire to minimize the harshness of the penalties associated with marijuana charges, a misdemeanor possession charge in our state can still be met with a hefty fine and, get this, up to a year in the penal system.

Other Drugs: Most drug possession charges in Georgia are considered a felony. This means that there is much more at stake because a conviction for possession of any Schedule I drugs or narcotic and non-narcotic Schedule II drugs can cost you anywhere from 2 to 15 years in prison, and that is when it is your first offense. Subsequent convictions are punishable with up to 30 years behind bars.

Drug Trafficking: All drug trafficking charges are serious offenses in this part of the country and are treated as felonies. A conviction for the sale and distribution in Georgia can get you 30 years in prison, and that’s just for starters. 

Hopefully you can avoid any of the above fates by calling to meet with our team.

How a drug defense attorney Can Help

We want the best possible outcomes for our clients each and every time we go to court. In spite of your recent arrest, and regardless of any amount of potentially incriminating evidence, there are still many questions to consider. For example, was the traffic stop or the search and seizure even legal? As we are assembling a strong defense strategy for you, you can bet that we will work all the angles. We think you deserve a second chance to find success in life in terms of education, employment and so forth.

Schedule a consultation

Every client has a story to tell, and we can’t wait to hear yours. With over 20 years of experience fighting for clients throughout the state of Georgia, your voice will surely be heard here. But you don’t have to take our word for it. All you have to do now is call us to schedule your criminal defense consultation with Ryan J. Swingle in Athens, GA.

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"So thankful for Ryan, I couldn’t ask for someone better. Nor would I ever recommend anyone different."

Jacob L.

"I have known Ryan since he was an undergraduate, then law student, and finally lawyer. He has never ceased to impress me with his intelligence, diligence, work ethic and integrity. You are in good hands with Ryan, I have no doubt."

Deborah G.

"It is good to know that I have someone I trust in the legal field. Ryan's advice was always extremely helpful and his professionalism shined. I hope I’m not in need of a lawyer anytime soon but if I am I definitely know who I’ll be calling."

Matthew M.

"If you're looking for an attorney that works for you and not courthouse, someone that keeps in touch with you, that you don't have to keep leaving messages with a secretary, then call Ryan. He is the one you are looking for."

Bryan T.

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