When you are accused of a crime, the stakes are high and the future is uncertain. Now is not the time for inaction or making wrong decisions.  During these difficult times, it's important to have a smart, tough, and experienced lawyer to guide you through a complex system. 

Ryan Swingle Law has a plan to fight for your legal rights, give you peace of mind, and get your life back in control.

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DUI Charge


A Bulldog fan was heading home after a UGA football game when he was pulled over for not having his headlights on.  A DUI investigation followed and the fan was arrested. Ryan persuaded the prosecutor that the failure to have headlights on was due to a technical malfunction in the vehicle and the fan was not impaired.  The DUI charge was dismissed and resolved the matter with a traffic ticket and small fine.

Felony Rape Charge


A University of Georgia Varsity athlete was accused of rape and faced potential life in prison if convicted.  Ryan launched his own defense investigation and ultimately convinced the State to drop all felony charges. Ryan’s client entered a plea, with no admission of guilt, to a misdemeanor. The client was sentenced to straight probation.

Child Cruelty Charge


A divorced Dad was accused of beating his children by his ex-wife.  If found guilty he faced significant jail time and potential loss of parental rights.   Ryan took the case to trial and won a full acquittal for his client by showing the jury that a father spanking his son does not equal abuse!